Thursday, August 9, 2007

Day 62: Kingston to Perth 94km

Originally we thought we would head straight to Ottawa today as we had done the tried and tested finger distance on the map. In reality though it is almost 200km and that would be a bad move when it is so hot. So we just headed towards Ottawa to get as far as we could or wanted to. We stopped in the small town of Portland for breakfast part 2, which turned out to be an excellent move.
First we went to fast freddies for a fine breakfast part 2. The waitress Sharon was so pumped about what we were doing she gave us a huge ice cream each on the house and introduced us to every local that came in. Everyone was so nice we stayed for about 2 hours just listening to jokes and having awesome banter.
After this we went to the village beach and went swimming in the lake. Her we met Joy and her two children Felix and Leigh. Joy was a cyclist herself and has done touring in Europe and japan so she invited us to stay the night at her house 2okm up the road.
We arrived and met Brian who is Joys husband at their amazing little log home. Brian was awesome and cracked open the beers and supplied us with towels to get washed and changed. When Joy and the children came back they fed us a fantastic meal and more beer. a very satisfying evening and a great feeling to be invited by a stranger again as it hasn`t happened since British Columbia.

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