Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day 78: Upper Granville to Kentville 76km

Rain, rain, rain, rain is about all I can say for today. I think that we needed another hard day in the cold and wet just to make sure we weren't going soft and turning into fair weather cyclists. We started off slowly and ducked into a coffee shop and a library to wait the lightening out. We eventually got going and we didn't stop for 60km apart from for a flat tire for Agnes (number 9). I feel that will be the last of the trip so it had to be in the pouring rain not tomorrow when it is forecast to be bright sunshine. It is all a test of our determination now that we are so close from reaching our end destination but we shall not be defeated.
We stopped in a classic Chinese and Canadian cuisine restaurant for the evening and ate some crappy food and drank a lot of tea. We then set off up the road for our last night of camping and we found a great spot in a clearing in a forest at the side of the road. The grass was so long that it made the most perfect mattress.
Just one more day to go, dun, dun, dun.

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