Monday, August 13, 2007

Day 67: Montreal to Trois Rivieres 144km

After a great rest and some excellent hospitality it was time to hit the road again. Matt led us out of the city on his bike and we said our goodbyes and carried on towards Trois Rivieres. I haven't mentioned it yet but in Quebec there are hundreds of cyclists and all of the roads have shoulders and signs all geared for cyclists. So if anyone is thinking of cycling in Canada Quebec is the most cyclist friendly province in terms of facilities.
We pulled over for a rest and water stop at a fry stand and we met Naomi who was cycling to Quebec City to stay with her Aunt. Naomi had started the cross Canada cycle from Vancouver with a group and due to the group being very hardcore and not wanting rest days she had decided to drop out in Saskatchewan. She took the bus to Ottawa and started cycling again on her own. We teamed up with her for the rest of the day and all camped at the side of a grocery store in a retail park. We thought it would be quiet at night but how wrong we were. It seemed that we were very near some kind of truck spot and one nice guy kindly honked his horned at 5am.

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