Thursday, August 9, 2007

Day 65: Hawkesbury to Montreal 113km

Destination Montreal Canada`s party city. We are meeting Matt who we met in Wawa and he is going to meet up with us on the edge of the city and escort us to his family home.
We had an excellent ride along the Ottawa River and in the town of Oka we took a ferry across the river. The ferry was amazing it was just a floating platform and a guy in a small motor boat pulled the platform on a rope. When it reaches either side a guy in a tractor pushes a wonky wooden ramp to the platform for the cars and bikes to get on and off. The beauty of it was that it costs only 2 dollars.
We met Matt just outside the city limits and crammed a subway sandwich in before the long ride into the heart of the city where Matt lives. The ride into Montreal was awesome and there was a bike path all the way almost. For the part where there wasn`t a path these two very intense women on racing bikes led us through. They were both out training for the iron man competitions so as you can imagine they were beasts. They had loads of crazy hand signals which was funny as we didn`t have a clue what they were trying to indicate. They were cool ladies and after that section Matt new the rest of the way.
We arrived at Matt`s parents`house and had the ultimate meal of the trip. Matt's mum whipped up a great feast. We had salads with olives, feta, mango, avocado, tomato, courgettes (zucchini) and many more wonderful things. The rest of the meal consisted of breads, chicken and wine. It was unbelievable.
After this Agnes and myself went for a walk downtown and stumbled across a free festival with various stages dotted around the downtown playing all kinds of weird and wonderful music.

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