Thursday, August 9, 2007

Day 60: Darlington Provincial Park to Grafton 76km

After a disappointing evening last night the morning didn`t get any better. We hide our food bag and toiletries usually up a tree or if in a campsite in the washrooms to avoid attracting wildlife. When Agnes went to retrieve our stuff it was all missing but we just presumed that it had been handed into the park warden at the entrance to the park. We cycled to the entrance to find that the gear hadn`t been handed in and the cleaning staff didn`t see it when they were cleaning. So the scoop is someone has stolen our stinking cool bag and our toiletry bags, how very sad. On the bright side they could have stolen our bikes so we can`t complain too much.
After this we had to go and buy a new cool bag and a toiletry bag and all the toiletries. Luckily in the drug store the woman gave me a toiletry bag for free, which was a bonus.
Once this was all done it was the afternoon and we were not up for a huge ride. The ride to Grafton was excellent as all the towns were very nice with many friendly people talking to us along the way. The temperature in Southern Ontario is ridiculous at the moment so it is better to keep the days short. When we were in the library someone stole one of Agnes` water bottles. Bare in mind that this water bottle has been us while doing very hard exercise and has only been washed twice in 2 months.
All in all today was a reminder that people will steal anything.

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