Thursday, August 9, 2007

Day 63: Perth to Ottawa 101km

I had a great sleep last night but Agnes was woken by a huge thunder storm so she didn`t get quite as much sleep. How good it is not to hear anything when your asleep. We left Joy and Brian`s at around 8.30, we don`t bother with getting up at 4.30 anymore, which is excellent.
The ride to Ottawa was very fast and we covered about 60km in under 3 hours. Today was 38 degrees with the humidity so it was sick. Luckily for us we didn`t have to camp again as we stayed with Agnes` friend Lillian. We stayed at Lillian's uncles house, which was amazing as they had a swimming pool and air conditioning. Lillian cooked us some burgers on the barbecue and took us to the cinema so it was a very relaxing evening.
Unfortunately we didn`t get to see much of the nations capital but we did see the Parliament buildings briefly. When you are constantly cycling it is hard to see places properly as all that is important at the end of a day is food and relaxation. I have been told that there isn`t much more to see in Ottawa so we haven`t missed out on much.

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