Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day 74: Perth-Andover to Kings Landing 153km

After yesterday we thought we should hit the road a Little harder today. We managed to achieve 80 km before lunch, which was excellent going. We stopped in the town of Woodstock and hit Tim Hortons for a sandwich and a donut. Agnes went off to find a phone to change her flight and ended up having a nightmare and being on hold for over an hour. Luckily the weather held up and we were able to hit the magical 150km for the day. We camped in the picnic area of a visitor information centre at Kings Landing and had Macaroni cheese for dinner, ummmm.
We now have around 400km to go to reach Halifax so the trip is almost over. We are going to cycle to Fredericton and go south to St John then take the ferry across to Nova Scotia and head on to Halifax from there.

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