Thursday, August 9, 2007

Day 64: Ottawa to Hawkesbury 123km

I was very happy when I woke this morning because the humidity had gone and there was an cool breeze, heaven. The day temperature didn`t get above 25 degrees so it was perfect cycling conditions. We hammered through the first 70km and decide to stop for the classic breakfast part deux. We are very close to the Ontario and Quebec border now so there are a lot more french speakers around. We haven`t had to make any bad attempts at speaking french yet as everyone is bi-lingual, the fun will commence once we get past Montreal.
After breakfast we found a map which had cycling routes in the area. The one path was apparently paved so we decided we would use it. It must have taken about an hour to find the stupid path and when we finally did it wasn`t even paved. We followed it for around 20km and it took us far too long as we were going very slowly. We came off the path onto some back roads and went on another magical mystery tour for a while until we came to the town of Hawkesbury, which is only 95km from Ottawa. Never mind it is only the second time we have been lost on the trip so its pretty good.
We were tired and it was getting late so we went to a restaurant for dinner. You can tell that you are near Quebec as the food is getting seriously good. The owner of the restaurant let us camp round the back on a small bit of grass next to the car park. It worked well as it was behind a bush and out of site from the main road.

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