Monday, August 13, 2007

Day 70: Montmagny to a rest area at the Junction of highways 132 and 289 112km

We casually got up at around 8am and headed over to Tim Hortons bakery/coffee shop for breakfast. We met a couple there who were cycling to their own wedding. They started in Ottawa and were getting married in Truro, which is in Nova Scotia west of Halifax. Its so cool to see how pumped people are about bike touring and that everyone you meet is doing it in their own way. It makes you feel like you are part of a mini revolution.
The ride today was again amazing and most definitely up there in the top 10 of scenic rides on the trip. We cycled as far as the turn off for highway 289 as we are taking that route tomorrow when we enter province number 7, New Brunswick.
We were camping at the side of the road and it was an open spot so there were different noises throughout the night. I wouldn't have noticed any of them but Agnes kept on waking me up when she heard something. I don't think she got much sleep and luckily the noises weren't angry bears or anything that could eat us.

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